06 August 2008

Great book reviews!

I just discovered two nice Australian book reviews about Feeling Sad:

>> Picture books can be very helpful for young children dealing with big issues, such as in Feeling sad by Sarah Verroken. Duck is feeling sad. "Black clouds are hanging over her head, and her worlds seems full of darkness. But Duck soon hatches a plan to bring back colour." A simple and effective use of black and white pictures which gradually introduce colour graphically describes the feeling of depression/sadness, and how it can lift.

>> Blessed with a beauty that nurtures its readership, Feeling Sad explores the depths of an emotion touching lives across human-kind. Sarah Verroken, author / Illustrator of the picture-book identifies sorrow in character and theme - moving her readership through a journey that not only speaks of healing colour, but of changing perspective. . . . Verroken’s approach is appropriately directed to her audience - making the book a gift to those seeking sunnier days and happier hearts. (by Jacqueline Perryman)

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