30 October 2009

Dieet / Diet

Een andere prent voor de dichtbundel: 'Ik wil een naam van chocola: Querido's poëziespektakel 2', samengesteld door Ted van Lieshout.

Hier was het onderwerp dieet. Zwart, wit en groen waren ook nu de te gebruiken kleuren.

Another illustration for the children's poetry book: 'I want a chocolate name: Querido's second poetry spectacle' (edited by Ted van Lieshout and published by Querido).

The theme was diet and black, white and green the colors to be used.


. justin segal said...

what an interesting sketch! Good job!

get zapped said...

love your composition, colors, textures. It made me smile :)

Julia Kelly said...

This is great- love the cascading effect of your compostion!

murphy girl said...

i like it!

thewillowsnest said...

great take on skinny!
Neat illustration!

mese said...

very beautifull. I like it very much.