31 March 2008

Homage to Tao.

I just posted my first T-shirt design on the Threadless website today. I really hope people are going to like it... It has to be approved by a 'group of Judges' before they put it on the website but in 4 to 8 days you should be able to vote. I have added a link to the voting page on the right side of this blog so please come back in a couple of days and ... spread the word!

Ik heb zonet een T-shirt ontwerp op de Threadless website geplaatst.
Hopelijk valt hij in de smaak! Voor je erop kan stemmen (via de link rechtsboven deze blog) moet hij echter nog goedgekeurd worden door een jury. Nog 4 tot 8 dagen geduld dus...


temz4 said...

Oh, I love so much this ying yang! Wonderful!!!

pupu said...

ohh what a great idea.. the moo and yin yang. :D